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Key Highlights


Some of the members who benefit from Bwanga community library


Education and Library Services

  1. PELI-U set up a rural community library stoked with 4,763 books and has 6,935 registered library users.
  2. PELI-U has organized Early Child Care and Development (ECCD) days that have attracted 880 children and 357 parents/guardians.
  3. Organized annual community sports galas where 6,000 community members have participated. The galas bring together the old and young to engage in competitive sports, network and be entertained.
  4. Works closely with schools to organize school based and interschool spell bee competitions.
  5. Set up a cultural library and engaged 1,162 community members in dialogue session to discuss the good indigenous cultural practices that have died out and come up with strategies to revive and preserve them.